Crowd-Please Puzzles: Great Games for Group Gatherings or Solo-Solving

Host your own gaming party for your puzzle-loving friends! This book contains twenty-four original party games, all based on amusing trivia and wordplay. No preparation is required: The presenter simply reads from the book, and the only materials required are pencil and paper. Co-authored by Todd McClary.

    Adventures in Puzzling

    Each of this book’s six “adventures” consists of nine puzzles connected by a humorous backstory. Each of the first eight puzzles will yield an answer word; the ninth puzzle will combine these words in some fashion to create an ending to the story. Puzzle types run the full gamut: word puzzles, math and logic puzzles, picture puzzles, mazes, wordfinds, and lots of unique forms created exclusively for this book. The perfect gift for adventurous solvers!

      Patricks’ Puzzle Pandemonium

      A collection of crosswords made by constructors named Patrick: me, Patrick Blindauer, Patrick Jordan and Patrick Merrell. All of the puzzles were originally published in the New York Sun. (This book contains all of my New York Sun appearances.)

        Puzzle Masterpieces

        This decorative hardcover book contains 40 eye-catching variety puzzles never before published, including several Rows Garden and Some Assembly Required puzzles. All puzzle forms were invented by the author. Attractive as well as challenging, the book makes an excellent gift for puzzle-loving friends.

          Commuter Sit-and-Solve Easy Crosswords

          A travel-sized book of forty-two 10×10 crosswords. Grids contain no obscure words and the cluing is easy. Perfect for novice solvers.

            Crossword Puzzle Challenges for Dummies

            This book is designed for avid crossword solvers as well as anyone interested in learning to construct their own puzzles. Solvers can enjoy the 70 never-before-published crosswords (45 themed puzzles and 25 tough-as-nails themelesses), while newbie constructors can peruse a 70-page how-to section that describes all aspects of crossword construction in detail: Coming up with a theme, designing and filling the grid, and writing the clues. “Patrick Berry explains the ins and outs of crossword construction better — and more thoroughly — than anyone else,” notes Will Shortz, editor of The New York Times crossword.

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